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Pictures from Previous Events

Our very first Crafts 'Cause We Care, on December 13, 2013, gave us the chance to make no-sew fleece pillows to donate to Cancer Support Community Delaware.  Some of the stuffing for the pillows seemed to have a mind of its own!

100 2194     100 2195

100 2196     100 2197

100 2198     100 2199

100 2201     100 2202


At our Halloween party in October, we made lots of beautiful crafts (including multi-media jack-o-lantern suncatchers), ate some treats, and heard a story about Elephant and Piggie!  And as you can see, we dressed up in some very fancy and wonderful costumes!

100 2101     100 2102

photo 1     photo 2

photo 3


October is Fire Prevention Month, and the Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company helped us celebrate Fire Safety Day on October 16, 2013. We learned about fire safety, met firefighters in full gear, and took a ride in a real fire truck!  (We were able to squeeze a lot of people onto that fire truck!  Then after the ride was over, we had fun taking turns ringing the fire truck's bell!)  Our friends from the Fire Company also gave us toy fire hats and goodie bags!  To see more pictures from this fun event, view the photo album on our Facebook page.

100 2040      100 2044

100 2052     100 2061

100 2062     100 2064

100 2066     100 2067

100 2071     100 2073

100 2080     100 2082

100 2083     100 2084

Storyteller, songwriter, guitarist, and puppeteer Rick Waterhouse gave us lots of chances to be creative when he presented "Sam Gets Creative at the Library" on Friday, August 16, 2013!  An angry wizard took away Sam's creativity, and the audience used a number of books as inspiration to help relight Sam's creative fire.  Together, we painted a picture, made up rhymes and funny book titles, completed geometric patterns, constructed a puppet, made a paper glider, designed a roller coaster, and created our own dance!

Copy of 100 1907     Copy of 100 1908

Copy of 100 1912     Copy of 100 1917

Copy of 100 1921     Copy of 100 1926

Copy of 100 1929     Copy of 100 1933

Copy of 100 1942    Copy of 100 1952

Copy of 100 1961     Copy of 100 1967

Experts from Cape Henlopen State Park let us get Up Close with Snakes and Turtles on Friday, August 9, 2013!  We learned about some of the creatures that share the shore with us, and we got a chance to touch and examine a turtle shell, a turtle skull, a snake skin, and several live snakes and turtles!

Copy 100 1853 -     Copy 100 1857

Copy 100 1870     Copy 100 1876 -

Copy 100 1879 -     Copy 100 1888 -

Copy 100 1889 -     Copy 100 1890 -

Copy 100 1897 -     Copy 100 1900 -

Two women playing twelve instruments!  Simple Gifts kept us entranced on Friday, August 2, 2013, as they took us on a musical journey through their songs and instruments that highlighted cultures from around the globe.  We saw and heard some familiar instruments, and we were introduced to some instruments we'd never encountered before.  We also got to try playing the spoons and playing with their handmade dancing wooden men that are part toy and part instrument!

Copy 100 1751     Copy 100 1759

Copy 100 1765     Copy 100 1769 -

Copy 100 1775 -     Copy 100 1786 -

Copy 100 1798 -     Copy 100 1802 -

Copy 100 1815 -     Copy 100 1821 -

Copy 100 1823 -    Copy 100 1828 -

Think you know the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk"?  Think again!  The Rehoboth Summer Children's Theatre presented a unique, hilarious, and spirited version of Jack and the Beanstalk on Friday, July 26, 2013.  Their version--in which ALL of the characters were performed by only two actors--took a number of unexpected twists and turns, and the entire audience (both children and adults) loved every minute!

Copy 100 1663 -     Copy 100 1737 -

Copy 100 1678 -     Copy 100 1691 -

Copy 100 1704 -     Copy 100 1718 -

Copy 100 1727 -     Copy 100 1730 -

Copy 100 1738 -     Copy 100 1742 -

Have you ever heard an entire audience call out, "Do it again!"?  We heard it repeatedly on Friday, July 19, 2013, when Mr. Van the Science Man performed what seemed like magic tricks--but was really science!  He set a dollar bill on fire (and then showed us the same unscathed, unburned dollar bill); he stuck a skewer in a balloon (only the balloon didn't pop); he created slime and silly putty; he combined two liquids to create a rather gross-looking solid that grew and grew and GREW in a rubber glove; and he performed other amazing scientific feats.  Best of all, he explained how he did them all!

Copy 100 1560 -     Copy 100 1567 -

Copy 100 1584 -     Copy 100 1586 -

Copy 100 1590 -     Copy 100 1603 -

Copy 100 1619 -     Copy 100 1627 -

Copy 100 1641a -    Copy 100 1639a -

The dancers of Illstyle & Peace Productions absolutely AMAZED us with their talent, strength, knowledge, and positive message when they presented Become Your Dreams: A History of Hip Hop on Friday, July 12, 2013!  They moved fast, they moved a LOT, and they performed breath-taking, gravity-defying moves all over their stage, including down on the floor--all of which made it very difficult to get any still photos that weren't just a blur.  The entire audience, adults and children alike, were utterly captivated by their skill, energy, and charisma.  Then some bold volunteers got to show off their own dance moves!

Copy 100 1498 - small    Copy 100 1499 -small

Copy 100 1509 -small     Copy 100 1523 -small

Copy 100 1525 -small     Copy 100 1529 -small

Copy 100 1532 -small     Copy 100 1536 -small

Copy 100 1545 -small

Magician Mike Rose dazzled us with his mind-reading and baffled us with his magic on Friday, July 5, 2013!  Not even his willing volunteer helpers could explain how he did it--and they had a close-up view!

Copy 100 1417 -    Copy 100 1420 -

Copy 100 1422 -   Copy 100 1427 -

Copy 100 1428 -   Copy 100 1451 -

Copy 100 1460 -   Copy 100 1462 -

Copy 100 1469 -

Master Storyteller Diane Macklin enthralled us all with her sensational storytelling on Friday, August 10, 2012.  As she wove her tales, we illustrated the stories in our minds--and contributed some impressive sound effects too!  She even let us meet her special and unique instruments.  We didn't want it to end!

Copy_of_Diane_Macklin_006                  Copy_of_Diane_Macklin_020

Copy_of_Diane_Macklin_026                   Copy_of_Diane_Macklin_028

Copy_of_Diane_Macklin_031                     Copy_of_Diane_Macklin_034

The Rehoboth Summer Children's Theatre entertained a full house with a hilarious version of Puss in Boots on Friday, August 3, 2012!  There were only two actors, but I counted at least NINE different characters, including a princess, a king, an ogre, and of course the stylish and clever Puss!

Copy_of_Puss_in_Boots_008     Copy_of_Puss_in_Boots_013

Copy_of_Puss_in_Boots_016     Copy_of_Puss_in_Boots_021

Copy_of_Puss_in_Boots_030     Copy_of_Puss_in_Boots_034  

It was hard to keep still and NOT dance when Lindsey Dank performed his Didgeridoo Down Under on Friday, July 27, 2012!  He was able to draw fabulous sounds and rhythms out of his didgeridoos, both the traditional wooden ones and the ones he made out of repurposed materials like a cardboard tube, a plastic tube, and even an old pair of jeans!   We also learned a lot about the history, wildlife, and music of Australia--and we had the chance to hop like kangaroos, flap our wings like kookaburras, and scratch like a dingo!  (That last one is harder than it sounds.  Even wild dogs like dingos use their BACK legs to scratch!)

Copy_2_of_Didgeridoo_Down_Under_001     Copy_of_Didgeridoo_Down_Under_009

Copy_of_Didgeridoo_Down_Under_023     Copy_of_Didgeridoo_Down_Under_028

Copy_of_Didgeridoo_Down_Under_030     Copy_of_Didgeridoo_Down_Under_031

Paul Merklein
drew lots of Great Big Faces and kept the audience laughing and guessing on Friday, July 18, 2012!  He drew famous characters and even a brave volunteer from the audience!

Copy_of_Paul_Merklein_Draws_Great_Big_Faces_006        Copy_of_Paul_Merklein_Draws_Great_Big_Faces_013 

Copy_of_Paul_Merklein_Draws_Great_Big_Faces_015        Copy_of_Paul_Merklein_Draws_Great_Big_Faces_022


Magician Tom Lilly
(and his assistant, Beowulf T. Wonderbunny) wowed a full house with amazing magic tricks on Friday, July 13, 2012.  He also proved to be a master of balloonacy and let the library keep his masterpieces!  The balloon fisherman, alien, and mermaid double nicely as hats.

Smokey Bear's Biography          Copy_of_Tom_Lilly_009

This flag isn't quite right      Tom and Beowulf

Kelby modeling the fisherman balloon    Marge modeling the alien balloon

Side view of the mermaid balloon    Front view of the mermaid balloon

Mr. Van the Science Man
educated and intrigued us with fascinating science experiments on Friday, July 6, 2012!  He even brought a bed of nails, which he lay down on--then he invited an audience member to stand on his chest!

Copy_of_Mr_Van_the_Science_Man_003    Copy_of_Mr_Van_the_Science_Man_010

Bed of nails    Copy_of_Mr_Van_the_Science_Man_016


"Become a Dog Listener" program on Saturday, March 3, 2012, was a big success!  Many thanks to the volunteers from the Mispillion Kennel Club and their lovingly trained dogs for a wonderful lesson in how to greet and interact with dogs safely--and for the terrific exhibition of tricks!  The dogs (and their trainers) worked hard to give us a fantastic event!

Copy of Dog Listener March 3 2012 017     Copy of Dog Listener March 3 2012 030

Copy of Dog Listener March 3 2012 031          Copy of Dog Listener March 3 2012 044

Copy of Dog Listener March 3 2012 009