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New Arrivals

We are pleased to offer these new additions to Rehoboth Beach Library's collection!


Graphic Novels for Elementary Readers

Superman Adventures: Seonimod
by Scott McCloud

A blinding flash of white light, and suddenly, Metropolis is in ruins! Even more mysteriously, everything begins moving backwards in time! Can the Man of Steel prevent the chain of events that caused the catastrophe?





Menace of Metallo

Superman Family Adventures: The Menace of Metallo! by Art Baltazar

Can it be true? Has Superman met his match in Metallo? Who is Metallo? And what's up with his heart? Where does Lex Luthor fit into all of this? Watch out! There's a new Super Hero in town!





Her First Extra-Ordinary Adventure

SuperGirl: Her First Extra-Ordinary Adventure! by Landry Q. Walker

Meet Linda Lee! She's the newest kid on the block – and the planet, too! Find out how an ordinary girl from Krypton became Supergirl, the most extraordinary tween on Earth. And if you think life is tough as a hero, try being in the eighth grade.





Evil in a Skirt

SuperGirl: Evil in a Skirt! by Landry Q. Walker

It's graduation day, and things couldn't be more complicated! The whole gang is here, and the cosmic craziness is about to get way out of hand!





Bounty Hunter

Green Lantern: Bounty Hunter by Art Baltazar

Hal Jordan and Kilowog find adventure on a new planet! Razer is almost kidnapped by a Spider Guild bounty hunter! Aya, the ships computer, takes her new robot body for a spin!





Charge of the Army Eternal

Batman: Charge of the Army Eternal by J. Torres

Batman is up against a man with all the time in the world...General Immortus! And only one hero can back Batman up by summoning help from across the ages...Kid Eternity!




Phantasm Strikes

Batman Adventures: Phantasm Strikes! by Dan Slott

The Phantasm from the animated feature film BATMAN: THE MASK OF THE PHANTASM returns! While Batman's off spying on Gotham's mobsters, it's up to Batgirl to face the deadly Phantasm on her own!






New Nonfiction

Technology of Baseball

The Technology of Baseball by Thomas K. Adamson

Take me out to the ballgame … or just watch the game from your phone! From motion capture technology to software such as GameChanger and PitchTrax, the tech world has become a regular part of America’s national pastime. Round the bases as you learn about the most recent breakthroughs in The Technology of Baseball.





Vehicles of the Iraq War

Vehicles of the Iraq War by Rebecca Love Fishkin

Modern technology has brought great benefits to the military and the vehicles it uses in war. In the Iraq War, U.S. soldiers used some of the most advanced military machines ever built. Find out about the amazing fighter planes, bombers, tanks, and other powerful land vehicles used in the Iraq War.



  Frankesteins Monster and Scientific Methods

Frankenstein's Monster and Scientific Methods by Christopher L. Harbo

Learning the steps of the scientific method doesn’t have to be scary. Join Frankenstein’s monster as he uncovers the importance of forming a hypothesis, conducting experiments, and communicating results. You’ll give your knowledge of scientific investigation a boost with a monster dose of humor.




  Types of Words

Types of Words: Unleashing Powerful Parts of Speech by Rebecca Vickers

This handy, engaging, and gently humorous guide tackles the important subject of types of words and is a perfect resource for teaching Common Core State Standards. It looks at a variety of topics, such as parts of speech, tense, person, and agreement, and shows how understanding types of words allows the writers and speakers to give power to their communication.





 How to Read a Map

Let's Get Mapping!: How to Read a Map by Melanie Waldron

Maps are essential tools for understanding the world around us. Learning to read maps - both printed and online - is a core skill that forms the basis of social studies. This book explores the different types of features used on maps, explaining what they can show us and how to make sense of them.





For Younger Readers

Goat on a Boat

Goat on a Boat by John Sazaklis

Though his friends warn him to stay home, Billy the Goat takes a voyage to find treasure. Along the way, he is challenged by monsters of Greek mythology.  This book is a great introduction to the graphic novel format. 




How Heavy

How Heavy?: Wacky Ways to Compare Weight by Mark Weakland

Compares various heavy objects to lighter objects in unique, illustrated ways.





Hockey Scramble A Spot-It Challenge

Hockey Scramble: A Spot-It Challenge by Sarah L. Schuette

Skate, shoot, goal! From team mascots to face-offs, these awesome hockey-themed scenes are filled with hundreds of hidden items. Put your seeking skills to the test with Hockey Scramble!