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Zinio Digital Magazines

Zinio web bannerRehoboth Beach Library is pleased to offer a wide variety of digital magazines! 

All patrons with Rehoboth Beach Library cards now have access to 22 titles--for FREE!  (See below for the list of titles.)  There is no limit to the number of magazines you may keep in your Zinio account, and you may keep them for as long as you'd like.  View the magazines online or download them to your computer or your Internet-enabled mobile device so that you may read them anytime. 

Zinio's unique technology digitally recreates a magazine page for page, including full-color pictures, intuitive navigation, key word article search, and interactive elements such as audio and video.  You can view two-page spreads of the magazine just like the print edition, with many areas of the magazine having added-value links.  You may read through the magazine page by page, or you can view thumbnail images of each two-page spread to search for and go to a specific article.  The table of contents of each magazine also contains links to take you directly to each article for fast and convenient access.

Click here or on the picture above to get started, or keep reading to learn more.


How It Works

To access Rehoboth Beach Library's digital magazines, you will need to set up two free accounts:  one for the Library Collection Site and one for your Personal Zinio View Account.  This sounds complicated, but it's actually very easy!  Zinio will walk you through the process.  You may even use the same email address and password for both accounts, for added convenience.

Let's take this step by step.

First, you will need to set up a free account to access the Library Collection Site.  (Please note that while your Delaware library card allows you to access the print collections and electronic databases of libraries throughout the state, Zinio is a service that is provided by Rehoboth Beach Library for its patrons.  Therefore, access to this service requires a Delaware library card that was issued from Rehoboth Beach Library.)  When you set up your account, you will be asked to validate your library bar code; you will then be prompted to enter an email address and a password to create your account.

You will now be able to select magazines from our collection.  Click on the cover image or title of the magazine(s) that interest you.  When you select your magazine, you will be taken to to view your magazine.  This is the second account you will need to create.  Don't worry--it's free too!  Once you set up your Personal Zinio View Account, this will be where all of your magazines are kept.  You may view the magazines online, download the magazines to your computer or Internet-enabled mobile device, print pages, email articles, or share articles to social networking sites.

You may be worried that you'll need to remember a special website in order to view your magazines.  Fear not!  Once your accounts are set up, the process will be easy and seamless.  After you've accessed the Library Collection Site (and you can use our links to do that) and selected your magazines, Zinio will open your viewer for you in another window or tab.  If you'd like to see a magazine that you've previously selected, you may go to the Library Collection Site and click on "Go to My Zinio Collection" in the top left corner.  Your viewer, complete with all of the magazines you have stored, will open in another window or tab.


The Magazines

Rehoboth Beach Library subscribes to the following digital magazines:

Apple Magazine
Every Day with Rachael Ray
House Beautiful
Marie Claire
Martha Stewart Living
National Geographic
O, The Oprah Magazine
Popular Photography
Rolling Stone
Town & Country
Us Weekly
Weight Watchers
Working Mother
Yoga Journal