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We offer free in-person tax preparation to anyone who needs it. AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers are trained to assist you in filing many income tax forms and schedules. However, the Volunteer Protection Act requires that our volunteers stay within the scope of tax law set by the IRS for the program.

 Date  Appointment Time 1  Appointment Time 2  Appointment Time 3
 Mon Feb 04   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Mon Feb 11   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Mon Feb 18   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Mon Feb 25   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Sat Mar 02   2:00 REGISTER   3:00 REGISTER   4:00 REGISTER
 Mon Mar 04   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Mon Mar 11   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Sat Mar 16   2:00 REGISTER   3:00 REGISTER   4:00 REGISTER
 Mon Mar 18   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Mon Mar 25   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Mon Apr 01   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER
 Mon Apr 08   4:00 REGISTER   5:00 REGISTER   6:00 REGISTER


In certain situations, our volunteers may be unable to provide assistance.

We can prepare most returns with:
  • Wages, interest, dividends, capital gains/losses, unemployment compensation, pensions and other retirement income, Social Security benefits
  • Self-employment income if no employees, no inventory, no losses, no depreciation, no business use of home, and no other complicating factors
  • Most income reported on Form 1099-MISC
  • Schedule K-1 that includes only interest, dividends, capital gains/losses or royalties
  • Qualified Business Income deduction if no complicating factors
  • Itemized deductions, including noncash contributions to charity that total no more than $5,000
  • Cancellation of nonbusiness credit card debt
  • IRA contributions -- deductible or not
  • Most credits, such as earned income tax credit, education credits, child/additional child credit and credit for other dependents, child/dependent car credit, premium tax credit, simplified method foreign tax credit on investments, and retirement savings credit
  • Repayment of first-time homebuyer credit
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Tax on a Child's Investment and Other Unearned Income (Kiddie Tax)
  • Injured spouse allocation, depending on state
  • Health Saving Accounts (HSA)*
  • Amendments to filed returns
  • Prior three tax years' returns
We cannot prepare returns with:
  • Self-employment expenses that exceed $25,000
  • Complicated capital gains/losses, such as futures or options
  • Rental income, except land-only rentals**
  • Royalty income with expenses if not from self-employment
  • Farm or farm co-op income or expenses
  • Moving expenses**
  • Some investment income or itemized deductions that are not included in our training
  • Alternative Minimum Tax Additional Medicare Tax, or Net Investment Income Tax
  • Foreign financial asset reporting requirements

* HSA: Only when volunteer is certified in the HSA module to prepare, and another volunteer is certified to review, a return that includes HSA contributions or distributions

** Rental or moving: Can prepare for active military personnel when volunteer is certified in the military module to prepare another volunteer is certified to review

clearing negative energy tv.jpg

Join Dr. Carol Pollio, Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, to learn how to clear your space of negative energy. Based on indigenous cultural practices, this workshop shows you how to restore peace and tranquility to your home.

This is a repeat of the same program Dr. Carol offered back in January. Due to popular demand and the fact that many people weren't able to attend, we're happy to offer this informative, entertaining class for all of our interested patrons.

reel talk film club tv.jpg

Due to popular demand, the library will be starting a club for adults who would like to meet and discuss film! Once a month, the Reel Talk Movie Club will come together to watch a movie of their choice and then discuss their thoughts on it.

Our first meeting in March will be about getting to know each other and what movies we like, choosing a regular time to meet, and deciding on a first movie or two to watch as a group.

Hosted by our friendly programming librarian Tyler, this group promises to be fun and engaging! We sincerely hope you'll join us.

aarp basic drivers course tv.jpg

The AARP will be hosting a four-hour refresher course on driving safety for those interested. This class is intended only for those that have taken the AARP Basic Drivers Safety course in the past. The class will cost $15 for AARP members, and $20 for non-members. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate that could be used to lower their auto insurance.

Registration is required with limited seating. If you plan on attending, please remember to bring a bagged lunch, as there will be a half-hour break during the course that will not allow attendees ample time to leave the building for sustenance. If you have any questions, please give the library a call at 302-227-8044.

women soldiers and spies tv.jpg

This presentation addresses those women who chose to become soldiers and spies during the Civil War. See how their ingenuity and society's perception of them allowed them to perform successfully in both these endeavors. Learn why they selected the path they did and how they were able to function effectively as soldiers and influence history as spies. Discover how their will to survive the war and to create a future for themselves and their families drove them from their traditional roles and into a new world for women. Performed in period costume.

This presentation comes courtesy of Trish Chambers Productions. Trish Chambers' unique and energetic presentation style combines humor and realism in presenting the subject she discusses. She has appeared at National Parks, schools, libraries, historical societies, colleges, quilt guilds and senior facilities along the Eastern seaboard. Trish is the author of two non-fiction books: Civil War Women: Their Roles and Legacies and Lighthouses of the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge. She is the recipient of the Business Advisory Council National Leadership Award. 

Trish works closely with her husband Brian to produce historically accurate and thoroughly researched historical presentations. 


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