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ccc Coastal Camera Club Exhibit

Art provided by the Coastal Camera Club and displayed in the Upstairs Meeting Room.

Schedule February 15th - March 11th*

Monday 11-3
Tuesday 4-8
Wednesday 11-3
Friday 11-3
Saturday 11-3

Reception Friday, February 17th, from 5-7pm in the Upstairs Meeting Room.

*Scheduled subject to change. 2/20-Library Closed
About the exhibit

A selection of photography provided by members of the Coastal Camera Club, a respected professional organization that has a reputation as a fine arts organization.

Heart Health presented by the VIA

Heart disease is the number one killer of woman and men in the United States. A healthy heart promotes a healthy brain. As a woman the older we become our risk for a stroke increases. Understanding the  signs and symptoms of both heart disease and stroke will decrease the chance of dying  and or living with  disabilities. A short talk on recognition and self-management of Heart and vascular disease.

Title:  Self Invest with Self Love

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Know your risk factors
  3. Understand stroke and heart disease prevention—know the symptoms—know the disease
  4. Approach heart failure with a plan to improve the quality of your life and prevent readmissions to the hospital.

Dr. Lynn Toth is a  nurse practitioner at Beebe Health Care. She coordinates the Advanced Heart Failure and Stroke teams and is a recent graduate of Walden University and a former graduate of Emory University.

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State of the Delaware Inland Bays

Come to explore the State of the Delaware Inland Bays --- Rehoboth, Indian River, and Little Assawoman...Delaware's three Inland Bays are popular spots for boating, fishing, birding, shell fishing, and hiking. But in order to continue enjoying these Bays for years to come, we must understand them - and protect them. Join CIB Science Coordinator, Dr. Emily Seldomridge to explore the health of these bays, the issues that impact them, and what it all means for you! 

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Way to Find Money for Financial Independence

Learn about the basic 21 ideas to find between $200 - $2000/month so that you can use the savings to plan for your financial future. Presented by Diane Heydt of Primerica.

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